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Product Name: Automatic-sleeves seal packaging machine TW-505
Classification: cuff sealing & filming machine
Model: TW-505
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Automatic-sleeves seal packaging machine TW-505
TW-505-sleeves and seal automatic packaging machine / automatic cuff-out the entire package / bag into the collective shrinking / sets of automatic packaging machine heat shrinkable film / shrink-free packaging tray / shrink-free chassis machine: Germany-the-art technology, according to the European technology to produce precision, the United Kingdom "I: JORGREN" cylinder control of the whole movement into the materials and imported converter, the speed of 0-12 meters per 10 minutes adjustable import Mitsubishi "PLC" programmable controllers, motor performance and stability from top to bottom feed system . Makes it easy to send film, high-power electric double-wind moving, to ensure adequate circulation of air flow; super-cooling systems, thermal products by rapidly cooling stereotypes; enhanced delivery of motors to ensure smooth transportation and distribution of all in-line roller-solid choice External silica gel packets that can bear the weight of an object larger and less wear and tear; Cutter closed-plated Teflon non-stick surface layer to ensure the money to seal a clear, non-mucous membrane, both automatic protection to prevent the misuse of all packaging; to be equipped with feet Adjustable screw machine with a high degree of production facilities must use.
With a high level of material into / length: 850 ± 50mm/1500mm
Seal the largest size: L600 × W300 × H300 mm
Packing maximum size: L600 × W300 × H300 mm
Packaging speed :10-18pcs / minute
The use of power, the power: 1ф/220V / 2KW
Seal all the time, the contraction of time, temperature :0.5-1 .5S/0-6S/0-250 ℃
Packaging film width / thickness: MAX600mm/0.04-0.12mm
Overall dimensions: L1500 × W2700 × H2000
Net Weight: 675kg

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